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iSat: Introducing New NPM Design!

iSat’s Mark II 2.4 mtr NPM is now available giving higher wind resistance and greater protection against the elements.

Above: Single tray deployed.

Above: All components designed to
fit into the post on the right.

Built using powder coated Aluminium

New bracing brackets
Prevents twisting forces.

Improved finish
Reduced rough edges.

Retained benefits

-                     55Kg single tray
-                     70Kg double tray
Reduced transport costs.

Components fit into central post
Safer, easier & much less packaging.

Fast deployment
Reduced nuts/bolt count.

Efficiently designed
Easier to build and less to go wrong. 

*optional cloth carry case
*mounts to fit all antenna sizes.

About iSat
Integrated satellite applications technologies (iSat) is a consulting value added reseller of satellite equipment with over 25 years operational experience in satellite ground stations.
For more information contact iSat on:
+44 (0)1252 750812