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iSat announces Heads of Terms agreement with Atlas mounting.

ISAT LTD, ENGLAND- (Hampshire) -- 07/08/13 – Integrated Satellite Application Technologies (iSat), A systems integrator specialising in satellite earth stations for frequencies such as X-band and Ka band for use by government, satellite operators and broadcasting organisations, today announced that it signed a heads of agreement to purchase Atlas Mounting for a deferred cash consideration.

Atlas Mounting initiated the idea of lighter non-penetrating mounts for 2.4mtr antennas made out of Aluminium material. For the last 6 months, iSat have re-engineered the satellite mounts from the ground up and produced mounts that retain their weight advantage, but have increased their durability and robustness. These objectives were achieved by utilising durable aircraft grade aluminium and pioneering a tangential system of supports which resulted in less torque and increased strength. A modular design which minimised components and deployment time was also utilised. The overall weight for a 2.4mtr mount is 75Kg, and iSat have placed a heavy emphasis on good customer service so packing with 6 carry handle straps allows for easy man handling off lorries, and deployment to roofs - which often have restricted access. Compare this to a 325Kg steel mount normally delivered with a 2.4mtr Prodelin antenna, and you can imagine that this new mount takes the physicality out the earth station construction.

Owning the drawings and being able to adjust for special situations will gradually grow the product range. Accessories such as mounts for solar panels can be integrated into a final solution.

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