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iSat 3.2 - 3.35 Radome

Also available in 4.5 meter; iSat’s Radome weatherproof enclosure creates a protective barrier between your investment and the outside  world protecting your investment from wind, rain and ice, as well as debris and rotational irregularities. The protective layer is matched to your frequency of operation to reduce the effects of attenuation. The Radome reduces antenna de-tuning and conceals it, and other equipment from the public. 

Suitable for 1.8mtr antennas.
Entry hatch
Snow sensor / heater + de-humidifier combo
Air conditioning
Steel ring and floor plus antenna post mount

Specification for 3.2 / 3.35 meter Radome

3.20 meters (Internal Minimum)
3.35 meters (External Maximum)
Radome Dimensions:
Drawing no.17-1035.

Moulded Composite in 8 quarters x 8 Longitudinal Joint white gel coat finished.
Environmental Conditions:
Applicable for shipborne environment waterproof according t0
Frequency Range:
3.7 to 4.2 GHz (C-Band)
10.7 to 12.95 GHz (Ku-Band).
Antenna Type:
Dish 2.4m mounted on X/Y Positioner.
0.3dB max. at C-Band,
Radome Finish:
0.8 dB max. at Ku-Band.
Temperature Range:
1 coats of UV screened gel coat
Wind Load:
-35 to 60 degrees C. Operational 100 Knots Wind.
Survival 130 Knots Wind.
Radome weight:
280 Kg.
Handling and Lifting Provisions:
To be provided by supplier