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Seeking product to put RF on to IP channel.

Dear all,

We’re in the market for a product to put RF on to IP channel.
Clearly we’re using the IP to multiplex a lot of traffic and put it over satellite.
While this is relatively straightforward for most streams (CCTV, phones, etc), putting RF on IP, is like

-          Driving a road over a car to get from A to B or

-          Putting the base station on a middle earth orbit for stationary users to make connections...

In other words, it’s more usual to put IP on RF, than put RF on IP.
We don’t want to bring the RF out of the RF domain because it’s status, and while there is one supplier, we’re keen to look for technically advanced product as our assembly needs to outperform existing product.
The RF frequency is anything from 10Mhz to 2Ghz
Anyone have anything to sell for this would be most welcome. Thank you!

Pilot quantities initially leading to hundreds over 3 years.

Please contact: