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5 practical ways iSat is boosting connectedness through online marketing.

iSat is always looking to make new connections across the industry and interested parties. We’ve quickly put together 5 methods we’ve been successfully using which helps us achieve this. Do let us know your thoughts and own tips for boosting connectedness!

1.     We’ve been focusing more on our mobile site as of late. We’ve introduced the ability for phones to connect to PDF files via the magic of Google’s mobile doc’s display. Now even phones unable to see PDF’s can view them in a normal browser window. (This also works for PDF’s opened via computer). To allow phones to see PDF files simply enter “ “ before a PDF URL.

2.     We’ve added QR codes to our website, One QR code will neatly add iSat’s contact details to your phone which can then be saved as a contact without a single key press. More interestingly though we’ve used the above Google PDF reader to make QR codes which open our datasheets and product files allowing for quick access on the move. Try this out for yourself:

3.     iSat’s twitter account has just passed the 1,000k mark and we’re lucky enough to have a wide array of interesting followers who have a genuine passion for the industry. @iSat_LTD delivers industry news, quality original content as well as being extremely engaging. We are also keen followers of some very interesting industry sources which also keeps us in the loop. 

4.     iSat is experimenting with some advanced and personalized forms which deliver targeted personalized functionality. We are still experimenting with these features.

5.     The last part of this list is the most important, listening to our customers and offering the best solution to meet their requirements. iSat LTD is famed for our ability to deliver specialist frequency’s and personalized solutions even in difficult conditions. Being responsive to changing market and customer demands is a good recipe for long term success!

Do let us know your thoughts on this and add any methods you’ve has success with!