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iSat latest news, IBC2015 & Ka band developments.

iSat has been using our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities to create bespoke feeds for specialist terminals. iSat is uniquely placed to engineer the perfect solution to meet our clients’ needs. Our in-house production is optimised for production levels between 100 – 1,000 units. Contact us to learn more about our bespoke design and manufacturing capabilities.

iSat is in the process of developing technology to revolutionize the Ka band market. The feeds we’re developing outperform the competition offering more gain and less amps. iSat has a long history of bringing innovative product solutions to market and we have the skills and expertise to deliver.

iSat LTD attended the IBC2015 conference from the 10th to the 14th of September. The IBC Conference is an unrivaled global destination for discussion and debate about the many different challenges facing the electronic media and entertainment industry, both in its sessions and in the range of networking opportunities it affords. We would like to see you there!