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New Contract For Specialized Frequency High-Power Amplifiers Awarded To Communications & Power Industries Through iSat Ltd.
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PALO ALTO, Calif. and FARNBOROUGH, England–September 12, 2016– The Satcom Division of Communications & Power Industries (CPI) has been awarded a contract from Integrated Satellite Applications Technologies Ltd. (iSAT) for high power travelling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs)operating in the reverse DBS/low Ka-band and extended Ku-band frequency ranges. The amplifiers will be used to support a $1 million award to iSAT by a major satellite operator and service provider in the Middle East for a complete turnkey system.

            “iSat has a proven track record of integrating Ka-band systems at these higher, emerging frequencies and is very pleased to be working with CPI to provide a robust and cost-effective solution to our customer in the Middle East. We look forward to further opportunities to work with CPI in the future,” said David Harper, chief executive officer of iSat.

            CPI is one of the largest manufacturers of high-power communications amplifiers. CPI’s broad line of HPAs includes solid-state power amplifiers(SSPAs), TWTAs and klystron power amplifiers, and the company’s amplifiers are used around the world in fixed and mobile gateways for both military and commercial applications. CPI offers amplifiers in frequencies from S-band to V-band and supports its fielded products with more than 20 service centers worldwide. For more information, contact CPI via the Web at or call +1 (650) 846-3803.

            iSat designs, manufactures and installs specialized satellite earth stations and very small aperture terminals (VSAT) worldwide, covering frequencies from C-band to Ka-band. In addition to standard-frequency products, iSat manufactures VSATs for operation in X-band and the emerging Ku and Ka frequencies, including the 12.75 GHz to 13.25GHz “Appendix 30B” Ku-band expansion bands and the extended DBS and inverted Ka-bands. For more information contact iSat at or call +44 1252 750812.

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David Harper
iSat Ltd.