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iSat: Case studies for the Romantis satellite router

iSat designed networks using Romantis modems

This week iSat configures a Romantis satellite router to offer more functionality and flexibility than any comparable technology. Get more for less!

A mining company in an African country wants to connect its HQ in the countries capital with four remote sites that use satellite. The in-country regional hub has a 2.4mtr, and 1.8mtr is desired at remote sites to keep transport costs down. The M&C supervision and international connection is through a European based hub.
Location from
Location to

Supervisory HQ

All sites
512kbps providing
      international voice
      remote M&C

All remote sites
In-country and supervisory

In-country regional hub
All remote sites

Remote site
Remote site
Almost none

The in-country hub uses highly efficient DVB-S2 to download the 2Mbps into the remotes and supervisory site.
The return carriers use the “Full Mesh” feature to connect the two hubs, but VLANs prevent remotes talking to each other.
The remotes and supervisory hub are using both their DVB-S2 and TDMA receivers. All traffic is single hop. The in-country hub is timed by the Master Mesh unit residing in the supervisory hub. Telnet is available, so even if contact is lost through one receiver, the unit can be recovered through the other.
One single hardware platform serves a spare for a modem however its configured.

The hardware costs for the Case Study are shown below.

Line ttl
UHP-1000 SCPC - SCPC Mode (DVB-S/S2 with 16APSK ACM)
UHP-1000 Full Mesh Slave
UHP-1000 Full Mesh Master
Grand total
All the features of DVB-S2 and full mesh networks delivering unparalleled functionality.

Additional details for the Romantis satellite modem and our other product can be found at:
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