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iSat: Adaptable, Agile & Dynamic.

If your company is using well-established, familiar, habitual technology then this is probably not for you... but you may want to know what the competition will be using…

The Romantis is an adaptable, dynamic and agile technology built to DVB-S2 standards. Rather like a formula 1 car- it’s not about winning the first race, it’s how adaptable the chassis is to win the season.

Manufactured in Germany, The Romantis modem can efficiently handle almost any situation or setup with superior adaptability, efficiency and dependability over other products. 

The cost of spares is kept to a minimum because one unit can take the place of any unit- no matter how they are configured. Reduced investment costs and warehouse space.

Technological change can bring huge competitive advantages. Early adopters who have the technological knowhow to grasp these opportunities’ benefit the most!

Key features

  • Features two receivers, a DVB receiver and a TDMA receiver, capable of simultaneous reception!

  • Features full VLAN capability, directing IP traffic correctly even in Full Mesh mode.
  • 3 level traffic prioritization, adaptive 500-channels-Traffic Shaper.
  • Programmable TDMA slot lengths (short voice/ long for efficiency).
  • Programmable period over which to re-allocate slots to sites.
  • Minimum fixed slots per site (for immediate use of voice packets).
  • Advanced Controls and adaptability.

Additional details for the Romantis satellite modem and our other products can be found at:
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