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Whose famous brand 1.8mtr do you think this could be?

It shows a comparison of the focus in Azimuth compared to Elevation- and the reflector is not focused at the same point. The resulting antenna efficiency is less than 40%.
In studies, we found this type of performance on 1.2 and 1.8 antennas of various big brand names in SMC encapsulated mesh-type manufacturers.
iSat is a specialist VSAT manufacturer and we protect  customers from poor performance by technical selection of antennas in frequency bands such as Ka-band, X-band and App 30b frequencies. We measure antennas to ensure performance.
iSat recently introduced a unique range of specialist antennas transmitting at 18GHz, receiving at 22GHz with efficiency
  • 2mtr 65%
  • 8mtr 60%
Making certain that the output is comparable to link budget assumptions.
iSat stands for high quality specialist VSAT terminals. Contact us today for this and other specialist bands such as 27.5 to 29.5GHz bands.