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iSat X-band terminals and services!

X-band terminals

2.4 mtr
Larger antennas hub systems, (3.7 / 4.9) plus cabins, lightning mats, cable gantry etc are available to order.
iSat would like to introduce you to our range of X-band terminals and services.
Our X-band terminals currently operate around the world providing vital logistics in some of the most challenging environments on earth.
With the capability to both transmit and receive using the Xtar satellite network, iSats X-band terminals offer a reliable service enabling vital global communications and impressive data rates.
iSats terminals have been specifically designed as a commercial off the shelf (COTS) products meaning you get everything delivered in one package, already customised and ready to deploy.

iSat offers the complete package. We have the knowledge and expertise to offer bespoke designs and modifications ensuring maximum performance in nearly any environment around the world.

iSats X-Band terminals are built to last. They are able to stand temperatures of -50°F to 160°F (-46ºC to 71ºC) and are built to withstand wind speeds of up to 125 mph, That’s over 200km/h! iSat can also provide an integral air-conditioner for use in hot climates or  electrical anti-icing systems for cold climates. Additionally Lightning protection can be included to ensure maximum protection even in a storm. 

iSat not only provides the terminal’s but has an extensive range of technology’s to protect and augment functionality:

ü The terminals are available in various antenna sizes and maximum EIRP levels.
ü The entire RF package (transceiver and LNB) is located on the antenna.
ü Strategically placed shielding provides protection from excessive solar radiation affecting the active components protecting your investment and maximising longevity.  
ü An optional shocked mounted rack/ flight case contains the indoor equipment, including a PSK modem and space for customer equipment. This case can be fitted with an integral air-conditioner for use in hot climates. For cold climates, electrical anti-icing systems are available.
ü Optional quick release waveguide connectors are available for applications that require rapid equipment replacement.
ü Other options include fibre optic IFL, voice / data multiplexers, routers, etc.
ü The VSAT network can be anchored to our range of hub stations comprising of antennae from 3.7m upwards and air-conditioned equipment cabins.
iSats terminals can be used in star and mesh based networks and operates with standard serial terrestrial data interfaces including Ethernet ensuring maximum compatibility with almost any system. Additionally the entire RF package (transceiver and LNB) is located on the antenna.
Each terminal is supplied with set of Installation tools and can be supplied in re-useable wooden packing cases.
With over 25 years experience and in-house engineers, we can find your perfect solution.
About iSat
Integrated satellite applications technologies (iSat) is a consulting value added reseller of satellite equipment with over 25 years operational experience in satellite ground stations. We are the leading provider of quality solutions for satellite ground segments, Systems design & provisioning covering RF, IP networks and baseband plus management solutions.