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X-band swappable feed on C-COM’s iNetVu® 1200 platform

Integrated Satellite Applications Technologies Ltd (iSat at URL, an innovative, value-added systems integrator with over 25 years of experience in ground station satellite transmission solutions, announced today that it has developed a unique swappable X-band feed for the C-COM manufactured 1.2M Ku-band Auto Deploy iNetVu® transportable system.

This revolutionary terminal has been developed to accommodate X-band BUC powers from 10 to 40 watts and can be transported in 3 lightweight and reasonably sized transportable cases. Building on the renowned quality of the iNetVu® mobile antenna systems, this development meets the needs of governments looking for increased flexibility and value. The iSat / C-COM transportable solution meets all relevant technical and safety requirements, and has been successfully range tested for compliance with ITU specifications.

“X-band is a growing market for customers wanting highly resilient satellite communications solutions to operate in times of stress when traditional mobile and fixed communication infrastructures are unavailable or unable to support the volume of traffic” says David Harper, CEO of iSat. “This development of the iNetVu® terminal uses the iSat developed compliant and proven X-band filters, feed, BUC and reflector, and seamlessly integrates them onto the proven iNetVu® platform, offering a complete communications solution out of the box.

“C-COM has been working with iSat to make it possible to expand the capabilities of our iNetVu® mobile antennas to include X-Band”, said Leslie Klein, President and CEO of C-COM. This new option on our 1.2M mobile antennas will open up new markets for both C-COM and iSat customers worldwide. Availability of X-Band on the iNetVu® antenna systems will make it possible to offer a combined iSat/C-COM solution to military and government organisations who rely on the use of this satellite frequency”.

“The iNetVu® platform, including the proprietary 7000 antenna controller unit, is an outstanding piece of kit”, adds Harper. “The C-COM unit was also selected for its resilience to withstand severe outdoor temperatures, from the Sahara to Siberia, and for its flexible construction which allows for packaging options that are lighter and smaller than many of its competitors.”

See this exciting development at Cabsat stand S-K42 and at Washington Satellite stand 1924 and discuss this and other revolutionary solutions to deliver technical and operational progress for you and your customers.

About iSat
Integrated satellite applications technologies (iSat) is a consulting value added reseller of satellite equipment with over 25 years operational experience in satellite ground stations. We are the leading provider of quality solutions for satellite ground segments, Systems design & provisioning covering RF, IP networks and baseband plus management solutions.