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iSat Integration

iSat have experience of rack and VSAT integration since 1990's and designs can be quickly amended to meet new integration requirements.

Designs available include RF patch panels and shelves containing splitters, combiners, line drivers, with monitor points to front or rear or both. These shelves may can also contain L-band manual or motorised switch, dc inserters, and L-band break out panels for cross-site cables etc.
Design of rack layouts is a speciality which delivers reliable and easy to use layouts. Experience takes into consideration ventilation for electronic equipment, power distribution, cable type, and cable layout for ease of maintenance. Each rack comes with wiring diagram, wiring list with cable numbers, and each cable has that number on each connector.

iSat has built earth station RF communication cabins which are resilient independent equipment rooms with a high level of signal security. Features include redundant 3 phase mains input, redundant air-conditioning, gland and interface panels for waveguide and fibre with designs to hold 2, 3, 4 or 5 racks.

Experience in flyaway and fixed VSAT terminals has created power solutions that can source power from 12 and 24 Volt battery, solar and petrol generators. iSat use only IATA safe Lithium battery compatible with transport by air.

Resilience is available against cold and windy locations where Radomes are required for Ku and X-band VSAT terminals.

These solutions allow iSat to respond with intelligent suggestions for almost any RF integration challenge.