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iSat have design VSAT terminals for over 20 years. The experience has delivered terminals for X-band, Appendix 30b at Ku band, Reverse Ka band, and high power Ka-band. At higher frequencies, the skill to configure the filters for high power amplifiers with good G/T performance becomes more important, and iSat have a number of solutions designed, installed and working in critical infrastructure.


The examples below involve intricate waveguide, filtering and construction, which is an iSat Skill that can be applied to other emerging frequencies.


M4 Reverse Ka-band VSAT

X-band VSAT

Appendix 30B VSAT

981 X-band

X-Band 2.4mtr single piece

iSat Services


iSat have a range of services supporting products, terminals and infrastructure projects. These services are equally essential to deliver and coordinate with customers procurement teams.


Project Scheduling


FAT testing UK

Delivery DDP





iSat Ka-band terminals are available from 27.5GHz to 31GHz because iSat design and manufacture their own feeds for circular or linear polarisations. This skill enables us to connect to some transponders with interesting coverage, some of which are illustrated coverage, some of which are illustrated below.


Astra Ka-Band 4A

Es'hailsat Ka-Band

Eutelsat 25B Inverted Ka-band

Eutelsat 8 west a at 8.0 w Ka band

Nigcomsat Ka-Band

Nilesat Ka-Band

Yahsat 1B Ka-band