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Are light weight products revolutionizing the Satellite industry? Have your say!

Back in the day size was everything. Whether it was speakers at a rock concert or satellite infrastructure; large ruled the day. As technology and materials have moved on are we finding every greater bandwidth capability and functionality in the small and agile? The biggest advantage; no pun intended, to lighter is transportability. With the wide spread advent of modern materials like carbon fiber and aluminium we are finding increasing performance; reduced costs and overall ease of use in more efficient designs. iSat networks have been at the forefront of this evolutionary step; developing advanced light weight Non-Pen VSAT mount’s, Light weight Power Solution  for VSAT flyaway's, Light weight 1.2m X-Band fly away solutions and a host of other products in addition to our regular range. iSat is embracing smarter, lighter ergonomic designs and materials like high caliber carbon fiber whilst consistently delivering superior performance. iSat has been focusing on developing high value products built to last whilst providing many years of flexibility; facilitating the future of this dynamic exciting industry.

Do you think we should embrace the principal of 'Small is Beautiful?'