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iSat’s faster, lighter 1.2m X-Band fly away solution provides the normal gain and bandwidth efficiency expected from a 1.2mtr while providing the transport-ability of  a really lightweight terminal. There are no motors- but its aided by computer assisted pointing tool, and offers easy to adjust height and angle pointing settings.
 It’s so intuitive it can be setup by non-professionals like a professional. On delivery, we provide 10 minutes training. We can stay for longer if you wish, but we guarantee you won’t need it.
Our 1.2m X-Band fly away utilises Carbon fibre technology. Its durability is comparable to steel, whilst weighing up to 5 times less. The efficient design and packaging makes it easier to transport. Together with options for modems, Ethernet switch, phones, fibre connectivity indoor to outdoor, it remains truly portable and wins awards for simplicity but practicality. With over 25 years experience in the market you can trust iSat to deliver; in quality, durability and in expertise.

Point and play software for intuitive pointing of height and angle by non technical staff to use first time.

Two suitcase solution, plenty of room for personal luggage

Carbon fibre reflector

Rigid but light, hold it down with sand bags.

Designed for efficient, rapid deployment in a civilian aircraft

1.2m Ku-Band fly away solution
Frequency Range
7.9 – 8.4 GHz
38.4 dBi
Frequency Range
7.25 – 7.75 GHz

37.4 dB
Reflector Material
Carbon Fibre
Antenna Weight
10 kg’s
Surface Accuracy (RMS)
≤ 0.5mm
Antenna Pointing Range
0° - 90° (Continuous)
320° (Continuous)
-45°C - +50°C
Solar Radiation
Operational Wind Speed
Survival Wind Speed