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iSat’s climate control enclosure

iSat - the consulting value added reseller of satellite equipment would like to introduce you to our climate controlled LNA cooler.

iSat’s climate control enclosure improves the performance of your LNA's and offers protection from extreme temperature variations.

Climate Controlled Enclosure improves the performance of your LNAs which improves the performance of your system.

Designed For Purpose by our experienced engineers, this product is quickly and easily installed onto the back of the antenna hub over most LNA plates

Practical, Innovative And Effective the iSat LNA
Cooler maintains a constant temperature approximately
15°C below ambient temperature.

Cooler, stable temperatures can prolong your investments life and can help maintain higher performance. 

Over Temperature Alarm to warn if the temperature is
above optimum level

LNA Cooler maintains the temperature of the LNA
Subsystem which in turn ensures stable gain
(for Uplink power control systems) and reduces the
noise figure (so increasing G/T and increasing link margins)

Mounts Onto Existing LNA Support Frame so polarization
rotation is possible for linear polarized carriers

Climate Controlled LNA Cooler

366 mm
24 KG
300 mm

400 mm
230v ac

For details or pricing information on this, or any other iSat product please Press 1 for Sales on
+ 44 1252 750812

About iSat

iSat (Integrated Satellite Applications Technologies Ltd) is a consulting reseller of
Satellite equipment with over 25 years experience in Satellite ground stations.
iSat adds configuration and technical skill to the merging and inter-dependant
IP and Modem technology market. We advise and design the use of OEM
Manufacturer’s equipment to maximize return on your investment.