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iSats professional value added installation and integration services


iSat would like to introduce you to our professional value added installation and integration services. In addition to our broad range of innovative products we can also have an experienced team of on-site engineers, technicians and designers who can meet and exceed your every expectation.

Our integration and installation services include:

v Bespoke dimension steel equipment cabins, integration & customisation
v Equipment Racks
v SNG Vehicles
v TV Backhaul
v DTH Earth Stations

We work to your specifications providing the perfect solution every time saving money on unnecessary equipment and freight costs.

iSat have extensive experience installing and integrating to exacting specifications. We utilise the latest design technologies and techniques:
v CAD Design
v Wiring
v Testing
v Installation
v Training
v Full Documentation
Previous integration projects:
v Integration of Tandberg and Harmonic Encoder.
v Modulators and IRDs
v SNG flyaway terminals
v Vehicles
v Bespoke dimension steel equipment cabins

Above: An example of iSats rack installation
Our core team has over 25 years experience, we know the market and have many trusted relationships with suppliers: meaning we get the best quality products for the best prices. You can relax knowing our in-house personnel follow strict testing procedures and we pride ourselves on our product reliability and durability.

iSat are able to offer personalized bespoke products and services so it is always worth talking with us to see how we can meet and exceed your needs.
If we can be of service then feel free to contact Julie or Kay on:
-         +44 (0) 1252 750812.

Above: iSat communication cabin designed and constructed in-house.