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Aluminum NPM solution

iSat - the consulting value added reseller of satellite equipment would like to introduce you to our Aluminum NPM solution. 

Unlike other brands iSat’s NPM is up to 6 times lighter than other brands  saving you freight cost sometimes equivalent to the cost of the mount; whilst remaining a rugged and resilient solution, even in wind speeds of up to 125mph.

With fewer than 50 fastenings and less than half the number of nuts and bolts associated with more common brands, iSat’s NPM is faster to deploy our record is 15 minutes!

In addition to saving on freight costs you’ll also benefit from the NPM’s smarter, ready to deploy design, arriving in a single cylindrical package which can be assembled in less time, improving your project’s workflow times and delivering the reliability and quality you expect from iSat at a cost you’ll find competitive.

System Features:
·    Less than 50 fastenings.
·    1.2 to 3.7 mtr earth stations with centre posts 4 to 7 inches.
·    Only 47Kg for single tray variant (vs. about 320Kg brands).
·    Hassle-free assembly.
·    Reduces freight costs.
·    One easy cylindrical package.
·    Extension trays provide stability up to 125mph wind speeds.

*Additional technical and wind speed information can be found on the iSat Website at

For further details or pricing information on this, or any other iSat product please Press 1 for Sales on + 44 1252 750812 
 iSat’s 15 minute NPM Challenge video. Can you beat 9:03?