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What iSat can offer

 ‘Over the years, we at iSat have always valued our strong relationships with our business partners built on integrity and reliability. We have focused on providing an innovative range of products and services at the cutting edge of technological development in the satellite equipment field.’ 
– David Harper, CEO

iSat would like to invite you to learn more about how iSat can help you and your business. We offer many innovative products and a professional value added installation service where our team of experienced in-house engineers and technicians will install your products to a professional standard. We would like to invite you to see what iSat can do for you. 

iSat also focuses on in-house development and we have wide range of expertise to help make the most every business opportunity. Our core team has been working in the Satellite ground station business now for over 25 years and we continue to innovate and look for the best for our partners whilst maintaining value for money.

Over the next few days, we hope to build new, strong mutually beneficial business opportunities with you and your company and would welcome you to get in contact with us if there is anything we can help you with. Many of our innovative products and services are available on our website at

We also have an expert knowledge of the market and may be able to offer personalized bespoke products and services so it is always worth talking with us to see how we can meet and exceed your needs.

If we can be of service then feel free to contact Julie or Kay on: +44 (0) 1252 750812.