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Romantis- Miniaturised satellite modem and router

iSat - the innovative consulting value added reseller of satellite equipment have completed a number of network studies with results illustrating compelling reasons to use Romantis modems. 

Unbelievably flexible and dependable, the features of the Romantis modems are software keyed from a Universal Hardware Platform, meaning a modem can be used in a wide variety of networks and can be quickly redeployed for use in different situations.
“The two examples illustrated in our attached Case studies show why, for price and the flexibility offered the Romantis UHP is better than any other solution currently available on the market.”

The first Case Study illustrates a 5 site network in remote location running fairly low data rates. The highest data rates are using DVB-S2, and the return paths are using an economical full mesh TDMA (no hub cost required). 

“A unique feature of the UHP is that it has 2 receivers in every unit; both DVB and TDMA can receive at the same time. A UHP can receive full mesh TDMA and the broadcast DVB data. The central hub can broadcast DVB and still receive TDMA from the full mesh signal. (it doesn’t need to be timed to receive only).”  

The UHP has the ability to operate in SCPC, Full Mesh, TDM/TDMA star hub, and economical combinations of all three enabled by the purchase of different software keys and offers fantastic investment benefits for both capex and ofex. 

The second Case Study illustrates an example of how the UHP offers the unique flexibility to scale up a network as revenues increase. Starting with SCPC, moving through TDM with a hubless TDMA, and re-keying again to offer TDM/TDMA to achieve remote modem costs of only 1000 dollars.

iSat is a reseller of the “Universal Hardware Platform” (UHP) satellite modem. These high speed dependable solutions are designed & built in Germany and feature advanced Multi-levelled QOS traffic priority technology, programmable TDMA slot lengths, and minimum fixed slots per site!